Our projects

Bangalore, India - Residential Interiors

Discover a 3BHK haven tailored for a family of three, meticulously crafted to harmonize functional elegance with personalized aesthetics. Embracing a spectrum from inviting warm browns to serene cool greys, each corner of this residence embodies its own distinct charm, weaving together a cohesive tapestry of design

Maa Grand
Chennai, India - Hospitality Interiors

This design project was tailored for a bustling hotel nestled in the vibrant heart of Chennai, on Greams Road. Our primary objective was to craft intimate, resilient, and opulent spaces. Recognizing that many guests opt for extended stays, we meticulously selected materials and color schemes to facilitate easy maintenance for our client. By prioritizing compactness, durability, and luxury, we aimed to provide a seamless experience for both guests and management alike.

Chennai, India - Residential interiors

Tailored for property owners looking to rent out their space, this 2BHK residence blends budget-friendly, enduring design with aesthetic appeal. Our objective was to offer design solutions that endure the test of time and accommodate the preferences of diverse tenants

Biryani Brews
Singapore - Retail Interiors

We orchestrated the 3D layout for a vibrant retail restaurant outlet nestled within a bustling Singaporean mall. The process was infused with meticulous attention to detail and brand identity. Additionally, we navigated the intricacies of local regulatory requirements, providing comprehensive drawings and guidance for swift approval by Singaporean statutory bodies